Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On Becoming Legal

I'm gonna post a link to another blog today. It is from Feminist Mormon Housewives, but the post has nothing to do with feminism, and everything to do with becoming a citizen of the US legally. I knew it wasn't easy to do, but it's rather more difficult than I realized.


Did you know?


  1. I did know. I have a few SILs who have gone through it (did you know Epsi is Canadian?)--my youngest brother went through the whole marriage/immigration thing. He works at Lawrence Livermore Labs and his wife still doesn't visit his workplace because the clearance would be such a hassle. Government bureaucracy never makes anything simple. And the US isn't even more difficult than many others.

    The post reminded me of an old friend of mine, who did get burned with a green-card marriage...he had the worst luck with girls I ever saw.

  2. My niece, young mother of 3, just passed the test and will be sworn in soon. It costs around $700