Friday, September 17, 2010

But When Life Hands You Sugarcane...

SOL, buddy. If you search the internet for "sugarcane recipe," Google will just keep trying to give you recipes for candy cane sugar cookies. Oh, and sugarcane shrimp, which I expect I will eventually try to make. 
Yes, I know, I actually planted these things on purpose. I guess I didn't realize I would have to cut them with branch loppers. Or at least that once I got the outer foliage off I would need loppers to chop them into pieces small enough to peel. 
Or that even once they were peeled, I would STILL need loppers to cut the stalks into pieces small enough to boil. 

I'm pretty sure I have never had my loppers in the kitchen before.

By the way, granulated white sugar is waaaay under-priced. 

The chunks of sugarcane are boiling in water now, the house smells like brown sugar, and I think we will be having some unusual lemonade this weekend. That's the only pragmatic way to use this stuff that I can think of. Got any other ideas?


  1. Gee, you could sell sugar cane as a school fundraiser or give it out as a treat for Halloween. Those are my best ideas.

    Grandma L.

  2. A quick google search yielded:

    It at least sounded intriguing, if a bit too sweet for my tastes. Hope that gives you one more option. Maybe look for Hawaiian recipes?

  3. Seems to me that a lot of recipes dealing with sugar also deal with temperatures much higher than 100 C. I would suggest either a pressure cooker or an oil bath to get the cane hot enough to release the sugar.