Saturday, October 16, 2010

Erector Sets for Big Girls

This is the new trampoline we put together last week, after the old one started shedding springs like a trees sheds leaves in autumn. The kids even did a fair bit of helping, much more so than 6 (?) years ago when we last had to replace this particular piece of backyard recreational equipment.

And this is what I did with most of the frame from the old trampoline.

Have I mentioned that I love my Makita cordless power drill? (Not to mention the joys of brand new drill bits and self-tapping metal screws.)

I'm pretty sure this will become a trellis for a kiwi vine next spring. It may also do some time as a hammock stand, although the structure is only 4 feet deep, so it wouldn't be for big swingers. Sorry, kids!

I also have a hankering to build a platform under it and set a few benches there so people could sit and observe the occasional wonders of the wildlife in the brackish channel on the other side of that wall. It's pretty scruffy out there, but being only a mile from a wetlands, we do see a nice variety of sea birds and jumping fish. Anybody have a dumpster full of broken concrete?


  1. Sweeeeet! A better-quality cordless drill is on my early Christmas list this year. If I'm gonna fix up my new home, I'm gonna need good tools.

  2. When you buy yourself a cordless drill, spring for an extra battery. Nothing ruins a productive day faster than losing your juice and having to wait to recharge. OF course, you could just go with a plug-in model. They seem to have more power, but they also always seem to be ridiculously heavy for my delicately feminine little wrists to hold at strange angles. :-)

  3. I'm not WOOOOOORTHY! This looks great! Our trampoline is shedding springs too and I'm hoping to replace it for Easter. Maybe just the trampoline because I know I can't manage your level of artistic and engineering endeavor.