Monday, February 7, 2011

And When I'm Thoroughly Pooped Out

I watch lectures on  My favorite series is the Mini Medical School for the Public out of UCSF. I have a little tiny crush on this lecturer.

As a mother, this lecture on pediatric issues was quite useful.

I like many of the lectures in the Science category as well. Wanna see some Science Cheerleaders? (They're at about 3:02, if you don't want to hear the rest of the lecture.)

Other subject areas include Arts & Music, Public Affairs, Humanities, Business, Education Issues, and Gardening and Agriculture. (I think I've watched every video available in that last category.) The site is searchable and new talks and lectures are posted regularly. I am occasionally disappointed in the sound quality, but not usually. There is often an extended introduction of the lecturer, but it is easy to skip past it.

Anybody know of other sites like this?


  1. Here's a list of some. MIT and Cal both offer a whole lot. I've watched some of the Cal ones, but so far it's not fitting into my life like I'd like.

  2. I was going to mention Open University, but Jean beat me to it. You can also find stuff (usually for free) on iTunes University.

    If you're interested in some women's studies lectures, Hugo Schwyzer, a professor at Pasadena City College, podcasts his classes. He can be a bit controversial at times, but he's quite interesting to listen to: