Friday, July 30, 2010

No Picture- 'Cause We Ate It All

I am learning to appreciate the capacity of the solar oven to make something good out of partial failures. A tray of freezer-burned round steak, some out-of-date mushrooms that were on sale at the grocery store, a bunch of nearly-gone-to-seed onions from the garden, and a can of generic cream-of-chicken soup, sliced up and stewed together in the solar cooker for most of the day, made some darn good stroganoff today. It was even good over the food-storage noodles I used, which really were getting a bit stale. If I were the sort of person to have a few ounces of red wine lying around to have added to it, I think it would have been nearly fantastic.

1 comment:

  1. I use "two buck chuck" from Trader Joe's - I always keep a bottle of red and a bottle of white somewhere on hand. Makes for super yummy soups and braises! I occasionally hope to run into somebody from my ward when I'm in there buying it, because a little meaningless scandal brings excitement into some people's lives.