Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pretty Sure Everyone is Gone By Now

I don't actually expect anyone to read this. I'm pretty sure everyone has stopped following this blog by now. Even if you are reading, this is a cheater re-post so I don't blame you if you skip it. But if you do read it, and can get through the massive list of comments at the end, I'd like to hear your take. This is as close as I have seen anyone come to expressing my own sense of my place within the Mormon church.


  1. Oh, I'm still reading! I had skipped that one on FMH, but read it after all because of you. I'm glad I did. Thank you for the prompting.

  2. Still here. I quit reading FMH a couple of years ago when I was trying to cut down, but I still like them pretty well.

    I can understand it, though I guess I'm less unhappy with church culture. It isn't perfect, and I'll say something if I feel the need (I've never had any trouble with that), but on the whole I'm optimistic. I mean, I would happily throw Scouts (and the Scouts' budget) on the scrap heap, but OTOH it has good effects too. But also, I don't quite get the comments in the post about women never being SS teachers (IME women are often SS teachers, incl. my mom) or YM getting leadership training while YW do crafts (our YW get good stuff). So I expect it differs all over the place.

    My personal experiences over the past couple of years have largely served to point out to me how amazingly well the Church works in a lot of ways, so I have spent a lot of time being grateful for it. Maybe I'll feel differently in future, and it's not like there isn't anything to be annoyed with. But, we had a year of unemployment and learned to eat from the storehouse, and I can't really say enough about how our friends supported us. And we watched a family dear to us be torn apart by the mother (who converted to strict Calvinism and felt it necessary to destroy her family in the process, and if I ever meet the pastor who has been encouraging her I will probably punch him in the head). And then I've been studying the growing Patriarchal/Quiverfull movement in evangelical circles--I was reading up on it a bit when Lydia Schatz was killed and then I really felt it important to learn about--and that stuff is *poison.*

    Sorry, don't know how relevant that all was. I guess my current thinking is that on the whole the Church is doing better and improving. There are things I would like to see change, but that happens slowly and I'm grateful for how much is done well and how hard so many people work.

  3. Nope, you haven't lost all your readers. We may be just too quiet to want to post a comment. Actually Mom's referred a couple of people to your site (through my site) because of their interest in ecology and other green things.

    Thanks for the reference.