Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Giving Tree

It was Spring cleaning time in my yard this week. So I dragged disused toys, garden gear, and miscellaneous other stuff out to parkway, to the shade of our usual "giving tree".
I am a member of a freecycle group, an online group of people who list useable items they no longer need, and any other members who want them come get them. It works, but most of the time it is just simpler to take useable items I no longer need out to the tree. Most things that area easily identifiable from a passing car are gone within a few days. If something doesn't get picked up by recycing/trash day, I usually just recycle/dump it. Simple as that. Less trash for me, free stuff for someone else. Probably only works because I live on a major street and have tolerant neighbors, though.

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